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What Are Legacy Portraits?

Legacy Portraits are beautiful, timeless, images that tell a story.

Your story.

They are the visual history of your individual life; the portion of your life shared with your partner; your family; your best friends.

Your Legacy Portraits may tell the tale of the annual development of your children, or a single afternoon or evening with a group of women you’ve known since grade school. They may represent the bond between you, your family, and your family pet.

Your Legacy Portraits may include the wonder and excitement, trials and tribulations of your pregnancy, and continue with yearly and milestone additions to the story as that child grows into adulthood.

Legacy Portraits may be of a family reunion that brings together all of the far reaching members of your family for the last time.

Or, your Legacy Portraits may be a full-throated, celebrity-style portrait session...just for yourself. A day of beauty and pampering, creating stunning, transformational images from how YOU...see the strong, vibrant woman, mother, wife, friend, professional...or all of those parts of you...who is finally making time, empowering yourself, to do something just for you. Celebrating all that you are, much of which, is rarely allowed to shine.

Legacy Portraits really are the visual story of your life. Images to be enjoyed by you, family and friends now, and then passed along to future generations. As you make your way through my website, you will notice that every single image, without exception, tells part or all of the subject’s amazing, unforgettable, story.


So, now that you know what Legacy Portraits are, the question is...

"Which of any of the examples here (and others that come to mind), do you not want to have captured visually?


For your family, for your future generations...for yourself?

Let’s talk...

Find out about your Legacy Portraits today. Let's talk!

Thank you for reaching out. I will be in touch within 24 hours...most likely much sooner!

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