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The DJC Senior Team is a group of members of the Class of 2022, from various high schools, who would like to make their Senior Portrait Experience more fun and memorable than they ever imagined; get access to every possible session
experience option; come away with the most beautiful, timeless images of themselves anyone has ever seen; and reduce the cost of your Senior Experience to almost nothing.

What's the catch? Good question. The answer is even better. Let's take a look...



Being a 2022 Senior Team Member gets you the following:

- A day-long, studio AND location portrait session. If you've looked at our web site gallery, you know most of our senior portrait sessions in the past two or three years have been "location sessions"; from the great parks, gardens,
lakes, and graffiti walls of the greater Sacramento area. This year, with the pandemic safely at bay, we've re-entered our studio to give our valued clients the very best of both contemporary portrait worlds.

- As a Senior Team Member, and because your session will be split into two multi-hour sessions, you will be able to have us create images for you in as many fabulous outfits as you can put together that we can fit into your two, same-
day sessions! Formal dress? Casual knock-around clothes, a chic, fashion statement? or three? Period specific attire? This is YOUR day. Let's make the very most of it!

- Because we shoot our Senior Team Sessions in June, you'll have the summer to choose the image(s) for your Yearbook submissions, and we'll have the pixel-appropriate images delivered to the school before the end of the second week of school. Lord knows, you don't need that added to the huge list of items to your plate that are already awaiting you at the start of the school year.

- You get to create your own session! Do you have a BFF or two, or five; or a BF/GF that you'd love to have be a part of your Senior Portrait Experience? Great! Bring them along! A couple of pages ahead, we'll show you all the session
options available to you. Don't just make this a portrait session. Let's have a party!

- LEAVE YOUR WALLET AT HOME! Other than your Session Retainer Fee (reduced from $299 to only $100, to be paid when you book your Senior Team Session, and will be applied to ANY print purchases you make), you will never be required to spend one additional cent. Within a few days following your session, we will show you a minimum of 24 images, from which you can choose three professionally re-touched, hi-resolution, digital image, each with a full, personal use release, at absolutely no additional cost. If you do wish to purchase additional digital or print products, we will offer whatever items you wish, for a whopping 50% off. And as you read on, you'll see a number of ways you can increase the value of
your Senior Portrait Collection, at no additional cost, and little effort.

Now, let's move on to see just some of the wonderful places we can shoot your session...











This is when the magic starts to happen!

As I mentioned earlier, you can make your Senior Portrait Experience just with you. This will keep the session very focused and we will create the most beautiful images of you anyone has ever seen. By the time your session day rolls around, we will have had a Zoom consultation, taken a look at your chosen outfits, and discussed hair, make-up, and everything we need to have you ready for a fun, amazing day!

If you like, you can also have a BFF or GF/BF join you and they can have their Senior Session right along with you. In addition to being able to share this special senior year experience, you will have plenty of time to get amazing individual poses, but wonderful "together poses" that will remind you of this memorable event you will always cherish.



Our most popular Senior Experience Sessions is our "Senior Group Session". Get 3 to eight of your BFF's together, choose the snacks and drinks and music you would like us to provide during your day, and shoot an unlimited number of individual, couple, trio, and group portraits, as well as tons of candids and video clips that will be a part of a wonderful video we will create for each of you to have and enjoy for years to come. 



Relax. Other than getting yourself ready and having an amazing session experience, there really isn't much more for you to do.

First, you'll need to have a working Instagram and Facebook account. Part of the reason we have a Senior Team is because word of mouth is and has always been the very best form of advertising. Getting either accounts is absolutely free and my team will be happy to help you should you run into any issues. Once you have your accounts set up (prior to your session), you will "follow" or "friend", my IG and Facebook accounts, respectfully, and that's about it! By following and friending my accounts, my senior posts will appear in your IG and Facebook accounts, for your classmates to see. Easy Peasy. Now, if you don't have these accounts, and social media just ain't your thing, there are other ways for you
to benefit from being a team member. You'll see them in one of the next pages.



We can shoot your sessions anywhere you like. But if you want to be a Senior Team Member and reap the financial and other benefits I mentioned, we'll have to keep the "location" sessions to the greater Sacramento area. Let's call that 30 miles from your high school's address (See some options in the accompanying images). If you have a special location that's further than that, let's talk. Maybe we can work something out.


For the portrait sessions, we will be shooting in our Folsom Street Studios, in Old Folsom (see images). To combat the oppressive heat, we like to shoot the studio sessions in the morning (indoors with AC and fans) and the "location" sessions around 6:30 or seven (This gives us the opportunity to work the sunset into your Collection and the temps have dropped, significantly).

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