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To my friends (and their friends)...

If you have (or know of) "believer-aged" children who would like to get in a last pitch to Santa regarding what will be left under the tree Saturday morning, this is their chance! From 12noon to 8PM (Pacific), on Thursday, December 23rd, the Jolly Old Elf will be taking their calls!  Here's how it will work...

WHERE TO CALL...The other "Santas" were only able to take calls on the 21st and 22nd, so I'm flying solo on the 23rd. Therefor, the number you want to call to get directly to Santa is 925.784.9989. If you get Santa's voice mail (which will be answered by an elf!), try back in about five minutes, and keep trying, because Santa will be here all the way until 8o'clock that night!

GOT PROLIFIC PARENTS?...If you have more than one child who would like to talk with Santa, have them all ready to go (we don't want others to be waiting toooooo long!). Thanks/  PS - Being on speaker phone is ok, and a great way to share the experience with the entire family.

THE STICKY WICKET...If one or more of your children have a specific gift they will be asking for, which which you couldn't find (the backed-up deliveries are causing a bit of a problem this year) please e-mail us ahead of time, and we'll be happy to gently deflect expectations (we have been ding this for several hundred years, afterall!  ;)

That's about it. Please feel free to share this with friends or extended family. There's a lot going on in the world today, and we hope a "five-minute-phoner" with St. Nick might bring a little extra old-school joy to your little one's holiday. God bless, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!





S. Claus, Esq.
The North Pole


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