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Dennis Jones has been an award winning, professional photographer since 1992, offering senior/grad, family, engagement, boudoir/intimate, personal branding, and wedding portraiture, and event, sporting, and entertainment photography.


Since his return to California from the Pacific Northwest in 2010, Dennis and his team have shifted their business model from focusing exclusively on high-end clients, now making their unique image style and one-of-a-kind "Experience Sessions" available to families and individuals in all price ranges.

"The intent of my work has always been to capture a moment in time that will be remembered and cherished for generations. Now, we definitely have our "WOW" images in every clients' collection, but the true value of our work is not the trendy "Heathcliff on the moors" image that was originally photographed in a cold, impersonal studio. Our brand is centered around capturing the essence of the moment, having found and the view no one else sees. So when the images are seen 10, 20, 50 years from now, those images, those moments, and that day, will flash back to the client, as if it were yesterday". 


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